Note to self: Pay attention! (real attention)

check your phones

We’ve all been there, checking our email or the latest Facebook ping instead of attending to the actual humans around us.

This recent story from Huffington Post nails it: putting our attention on our handsets instead of humans kills our connection to others. Sure, we can keep up with a conversation or meeting while checking email, grunting and nodding at the appropriate times. But the real juice of being with others is not trading words; it’s connecting at an emotional level to build the trust, common purpose and support we want to do great things, whether those great things are being in love, building a business or enjoying a friendship.

A good indicator of the health of your relationships or your organization might be to count the number of times people glance at their phones when they are with others.

Oh, and one other thing: pulling out your phone when you are with someone else is basically rude.

Photo:Attribution Some rights reserved by pennuja

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